Who Is Buried In Pfc Vito Colline's Grave || Stories Of Sacrifice

We all know mistakes happen. What matters most is how we fix those mistakes even if they were made 76 years ago and it involves someone's loved one who was Killed in Action for our Freedoms. In review of the documented evidence it is a fact that it is not Pfc Victor J. Colline that is buried in his grave. It may be two men and a possibility of it being some of Pfc Brash's remains. The only way to really tell for sure is to evaluate all records and test with Family DNA.

I will be working with the families involved to open a case with the DPAA to see if they will correct these mistakes and bring Pfc Walter S. Brash (MIA) home to his loved ones and correct the misidentifications of Pfc Vito J. Colline and Cpl Woodfin G. Gaston.

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Who Is Buried In Pfc Vito Colline's Grave || Stories Of Sacrifice

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