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We are incorporating into a Nonprofit to be able to continue our genealogical research support to POW/MIA families and in the Fall of 2021 my wife and I will be embarking on a RV journey, traveling throughout the US to visit the hometowns of our Nation’s Missing In Action who died for our freedoms. Our mission - A mission in telling their Stories Of Sacrifice for future generations to hear with a goal to keep their memory alive. They say you die twice, first when you die and the second when your name is spoken for the last time.

We will show you their hometowns and interview their family with the goal to raise awareness for the need for Family Reference Samples (DNA) for our WW2 Missing in Action in order for them to be identified and brought home to their loved ones for a proper burial. As a Nation who is Free today because of their Sacrifice, we owe it to them to put a name on their headstone and say - Thank You for our Freedom!!

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