Jan. 15, 2020

Stories of Sacrifice - POW/MIAs - Compiled Interviews of POWs Who Returned Home EP07

Stories of Sacrifice - POW/MIAs - Compiled Interviews of POWs Who Returned Home EP07

This Podcast came about after spending the last 4 years researching hundreds of POW/MIAs who died in the notorious prison camps in the Pacific. I have done this by helping MIA families find the other families to convince them to give their DNA in hopes that one day their loved one will be identified. 

The mission of the Stories of Sacrifice Podcast is to bring you the life story of those who did not make it home to their loved ones or if their remains were sent home the odds are not all of them returned and in many cases were mixed together with the remains of their Brother’s in Arms who perished in POW prison camps and were buried in mass common graves. The Stories of Sacrifice podcast is to be their voice that was silenced long ago…

One of the worst tragedies of war is - some soldiers simply become “Missing.” Their loved ones both morn and hope. The years drag on, and the long wait for answers can become unbearable. What could be worse than the emotional turmoil of “Not Knowing?” 

But for these brave men who sacrificed more than what our Country called them to do and ended up in many ways, forgotten. Still Forgotten after 75 years, by not giving them the fullest possible accounting. Their families have yet to receive closure knowing, their loved one is lost to the tragedies of war or in many cases buried under a marble cross without a name. 

In this episode we are bring you the stories of those POWs who fought next to our MIAs in the Philippines in their own words, Unlike the MIAs they survived and were able to come home to tell their story and the stories of why many didn’t return!

Our future episodes will be the voice of the "Unknowns" told to you by their family and supporters!

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