May 27, 2020

Stories of Sacrifice - POW/MIAs - 1LT Alexander R. Nininger (MoH) A Battle That Has Not Ended

Stories of Sacrifice - POW/MIAs - 1LT Alexander R. Nininger (MoH) A Battle That Has Not Ended

This is a series of articles written by our friends at about the 1st MoH recipient of WW2 who is still listed as MIA in the Philippines and his family's fight with our own Government to bring Sandy home for a proper, respectful burial and the Honor he deserves.   

Part 1 - Remains of Medal of Honor Recipient Not Identified Because Army Can’t Unscrew Their Screwup 1LT Alexander “Sandy” Nininger was consigned to the grave of an Unknown Soldier by the celebrity of the Medal of Honor.
Part 2 -
The Classified Cover-up, If the facts don’t fit the theory, change the facts. If you still don’t like the facts, just hide the evidence.
Part 3 - What Classified Files? We Don’t Have Any Classified Files. Not deterred by inconvenient facts, Washington was sticking with Clarke’s bogus story about burials in the Abucay Churchyard even though it had been thoroughly excavated without finding additional Americans.
Part 4 - Doing the Same Thing and Expecting a Different Result. On May 25 of 2017, the families of seven MIA’s filed a lawsuit in Federal Court demanding the return of the remains of their missing family members whom they believed were buried as Unknowns in the Manila American Cemetery. The lead plaintiff in this litigation was John Patterson, Nephew of 1LT Alexander R. Nininger. He had been researching the case since before most of the government experts were born.

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