Feb. 24, 2022

Senior Chief SEAL (Ret) Derrick Van Orden || Vietnam POW/MIA Recovery Missions

Senior Chief SEAL (Ret) Derrick Van Orden || Vietnam POW/MIA Recovery Missions
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Rebroadcast of our interview with Senior Chief SEAL (Ret) Derrick Van Orden. Derrick was one of the actors in the real SEAL movie Act of Valor. During Derrick's service, he volunteered for missions on DoD POW/MIA Recovery operations from the Vietnam war.  Derrick is a retired Navy SEAL Senior Chief and former Senior Enlisted Advisor, Operations (J3), Senior Enlisted and Compartmented Operations Planner for the Special Operations Command Europe. Derrick served over 26 years on active-duty with multiple combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the best-selling author of Book of Man: A Navy SEAL’s Guide to the Lost Art of Manhood and has appeared on national television as a subject matter expert. He is a sought-after speaker, owner of the Butternut Café and Beat It Roach Creations publication company. Derrick is currently running for Congress in Wisconsin https://www.vanordenforcongress.com/ 

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